3 Mistakes to Avoid When Applying to Private Schools

Applying to private school can be just as stressful as applying to college for many students and their families. It can be easy to make a mistake that can compromise your chances of getting into the perfect school. Fortunately, the following guide can help you recognize some mistakes so that you avoid them.

#1: Waiting too long

Most private schools aren't like exclusive day cares—you don't need to apply before the child is even born. Instead, there is usually a published application window for each academic year, although as a general rule you should have all applications in one year prior to when attendance is expected.

Many schools make acceptance decisions in the spring prior to the next school year, so waiting too long or missing an application deadline means at best your child may be wait listed, and at worst their application will be denied for the year you indicated.

#2: Only applying to one school

You and your child may have your hearts set on a particular school, but it's a mistake to only apply to this one school. Look at a range of schools that meet the educational goals you have for your child, and apply to several of them. This provides you with options if for some reason your preferred school is unable to accept your child. You may even find a hidden gem that is a perfect and that wouldn't have been considered otherwise.

Another benefit of applying to multiple schools is that you can view any scholarship or aid packages they each offer your child to help offset tuition. You can use these packages to negotiate a better deal at your preferred school if your child is accepted.

#3: Not prioritizing preparation

Parents often prioritize the wrong aspects of application preparation. The interview is important, but the last thing you want is to over-prepare your child so that they seem almost robotic with no personality of their own. Practicing speaking clearly and concisely is more important than memorizing interview questions.

It's also common for parents and sometimes students to place all of their hopes on the interview and ignore other parts of the process, like the student essay or parent statement. Make sure to spend plenty of time developing these, since these statements along with the application is what will secure an interview in the first place.

For more help, contact a private school in your area.

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