Plan New Experiences For Your Little One

Have you been thinking that the routine with your little child has become a bit hum-drum? Perhaps you feel that there is a lot more than you and your child could do to add interest to his or her life. If so, from enriching your child's life in your own home to planning on him or her attending a preschool program, here are some ideas that might help you to plan new experiences for your little one.

At Home - Be honest with yourself. Have you been using things like the television set as a babysitter while you do your own thing? Maybe you've become aware that you're spending a great deal of time talking on the telephone with your friends and not enough time just plain having fun with your child. Consider dividing the day into sections for your child.

For example, after breakfast you could plan to take a walk together, observing things like plants, caterpillars and meeting other people along the way. Next, you could spend time making treats together in the kitchen. After that could be craft time, with you selecting simple activities that could later be displayed in your home. Nap time, or at least quiet time, could follow lunch and then, while you're preparing supper your child could spend time looking at storybooks.

Away From Home - Of course, there are numerous field trips you could take with your child, and that would probably be super fun. However, you might also consider the fact that new experiences for your child might include meeting brand new friends and having new activities in a preschool setting. Going to preschool will not just be fun for your child, but he or she will be learning things that will be very useful as he or she enters kindergarten. Your child will more than likely be learning the basic letters which will lead to reading, and he or she will learn other things through music and dance.

Also, your little one will be learning trust as he or she works with a teacher. And, there will be consequences in the classroom which will also prepare your child for kindergarten. Your child will learn how to take turns, how to share toys and he will learn that he or she is expected to observe classroom courtesy. For example, it will be expected of your child that he or she will raise a hand to be called on.

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