3 Reasons To Consider A Public Charter School For Your Child

Public charter school enrollment is an alternative to both traditional public schools and private schools. A charter school is typically run by a non-profit, and each charter school has its own unique methodology and emphasis. Charter schools are tuition-free and open to all children, allowing parents more freedom and much wider options, while choosing a school for their child. Here are three of the best reasons to consider a public charter school for your own child's education:

Public Charter Schools are an Affordable Alternative

Many public charter schools offer the same academic rigor, support, and access to sports and activities that are often associated with private schools. Since private schools tend to be very expensive, averaging $10,000 per year, many working families would have to go into a large amount of debt, to send their children to private school. Instead, they can attend the public charter school of your choice, offering many of the benefits of private education but with free tuition.

Public Charter Schools are All Different

One of the main benefits of a public charter school is that each one is founded with different values and priorities in mind, and therefore with different policies and emphases. This is great news for both kids and parents, because it means it's possible to find the public charter school that offers the exact features you and your child are looking for.

For example, some public charter schools emphasize STEM learning, while others have more of a focus on the arts. Some require uniforms, while others are more casual. By doing your research, you are likely to find the ideal public charter school for your child.

Public Charter Schools Often Have Smaller Class Sizes

One of the reasons the public charter school movement has taken off is that a major goal of many charter schools is to offer small class sizes. This allows each student to receive maximum attention from their teachers and eliminates the issue of children feeling lost in the shuffle in an overcrowded classroom. Having smaller classrooms also helps teachers do their job more effectively and feel less overwhelmed by their roles in a school.

If these points sound appealing to you, it's a good idea to start by researching the public charter schools in your city or region. You can then set up an in-person meeting, to tour the school and ask the administration all of your questions.

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